Collection: Record Cleaning

We offer a professional wet/vacuum record cleaning service.

For those times when you have something a bit special and a solvent and micro fibre cloth just doesn't cut it, or if you have bought a new pressing and it really just could sound better? Even new vinyl can sound 'crackly' because the quick release agent used in the pressing process, the dirty factory and static from packing materials can leave new vinyl in a sorry state. Professional cleaning can resolve these issues and with used vinyl, can raise your grade by a factor of one.

At a cost of £3.00 to £4.00 (depending on quantity), all vinyl is wet/vacuum cleaned and supplied back in an anti-static sleeve.

Pricing: 20 x discs or fewer @ £4.00 each and we can offer a 25% discount for quantities over 20. If you are interested, Click Here for the Contact Form. We will be happy to quote carriage by weight or you can deliver in person to Axminster, Devon.

Record Cleaning

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